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Annual Evaluation Recap

Yesterday I had my annual transplant evaluation with the University of Kentucky. It started with all of these test related to my cardiovascular system (Kudos to the Gill Heart Institute) and then many meetings with the transplant team.

So I made it through the cardio testing, my many labs, and all the x-rays. I watched the transplant video for the 100th time and then I met with the my transplant team.

Each member of the team, started the conversation with, "You have a living donor yet?" My answer was always a very sad "NO". As I sat there and listened to the team really encourage me to work at getting a donor, the more frustrated, then angry I got! Why you ask?

Well, I am HURT that I am going through this at 38 years old. I am HURT because I am now on dialysis 6 nights of every week, where I have to make sure I end my day by 9pm so I can be hooked up for treatment and off by 630 am the next morning. I am HURT because I carry with me a wrist blood pressure cuff and phosphorus binder pills that I have to take before each meal. I am HURT because a whole year later I get prayers from people but no action/progress.Y'all I am TIRED...Mentally. Physically. Emotionally.

Now, please do not misunderstand me. I am grateful for the portion of health I do have. I am thankful for each mornings rising. But I am not Superman or Wonder Woman (although sometimes I think I am) and this has really weighed on me. And more so because the longer I have to wait on a kidney, the less life I have to live.

Now I trust God will provide! I know he will. I seen him do it! But I also know faith without works is dead. Please please please consider donating your spare (just one kidney) to me. Seriously...just reach out to UK Living Donor program or University of Cincinnati Living Donor Program and they will get you started at NO COST TO YOU! I need a large pool to even be considered, because I have a high antigen count which only allows me to match with 11 out of every 100 people; not to mention I have O+ blood type (like many in the world).

Anyways...that's my little vent session! You guys usually see me smiling and all, and I still am! But for real, I need help! I need your help! So please consider giving!

Interested in becoming a living donor? Visit to begin the process.

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