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Traveling Tribulations

So recently I shared with you guys about my travels while doing peritoneal diyalsis. I shared that I was nervous and a bit worried about how I was going to do this. Well, I successfully did it! I traveled with Drako (diyalsis machine) to Cleveland, Ohio and Portland, Oregon. Drako earned his wings . Fast forward to today!

My accounts payable department reached out about a charge on my hotel receipt. I told them I would look into it bc I was not aware of such charge. After being on hold for 4hrs 16mins. I finally was able to get with the Cleveland Hilton Downtown front desk. I inquired about the charge and the gentleman was unable to help me. He transferred me to his supervisor.

I again explained the concern about the charge and the manager said there is nothing they can do it's their "policy". This hotel charged me $5/box plus $5/lb. for them to store my diyalsis solutions for 2 days prior to my arrival!

When I explained to him that I was not aware of a packaging and handling fee, he said, "We didn't know that you had medicine that weighs more than the typical pill." I guess he thought I was suppose to laugh, but I didn't find a d@mn thing funny. I knew then I needed him to send me my documents about the policy and whatever I signed, and get off the phone because I was about to lose all my pearls.

So a few things this experience sparked in me:

1. I live with a disability called end stage renal disease. Without diyalsis, I will not be able to live.

2. There are over 680,000 people in the US that have End Stage Renal Disease.

3. Not every disability is visible or treated with a "pill".

4. Even in 2022, people are just plan dumb.

Now, I no longer have my panties up my butt about this situation. I have chilled and gathered myself, and thought of the ones that do have visible disabilities and ones who have disabilities that are not visible , and what they experience on a daily. I carry my disability different, but it is still there.

For all of us traveling through life with or without limitations and having to deal with dumb@sses, know you are not alone, and continue to advocate for yourself.

Y'all know, I will handle this! I am not even pressed! But Hilton Downtown Cleveland should be...

Anyways...share my group AshleyShanee Needs a Kidney and see if you or someone out there can be my match!

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